Saturday (2nd) update

We tuned up the trails late in the day so tomorrow should be better for skating. Left the classic tracks as is. 89er and Gold run we left alone, still rough but skiable. One big snow storm is all we need !

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Friday P.M. update…grooming report.

We ran the ginzu’s over the trails and leveled out a pretty good skate lane over the entire trail system. 89er and Gold Run still rough though. We also set new classic tracks. Another nice day at Silvercrest. High 20’s. Thanks to Jake for rolling the trails on New Years eve ! and Chuck Jennings for his efforts today.

There’s plenty of snow to ski on up there.

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Friday (Jan 1st) grooming.

We’ll try to get an early start with grooming in the a.m. and evaluate conditions as we go. The plan is to set new classic tracks and more leveling. Reports of 2 inches of new snow yesterday and good skiing today (Thurs). We’re bringing up the roller from the Country Club as its more golfing weather in Great Falls. If you have skate skis you might bring them along but no promises of super flat trails. To all of our donors this season…. its your support that make the trails happen and we consider your generosity the reason why. Thank You !!!

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New Years Grooming Plans

We will groom the trails the 31st and 1st. Thursday will try to level out and pack rough areas. Hopefully set new classic tracks Friday morning and attempt a skate lane. Will update Thursday night and Friday night. No Pisten Bully yet.

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Dec 26th Report

A fantastic day of classic skiing at Silvercrest today. Its great out there. The tracks are holding up well. Temps in the mid to high 20’s made for optimal kick and glide conditions. Skies were overcast but very mild with no wind. Lots of post Christmas skiers and snowshoers. Twenty plus cars in the lot all day. End of the day we got out the big ginzu and put down a skate lane ( not perfect but..) and new classic tracks on Wu Tung’s to the warming hut and Silverdyke to the trailhead. No new plans for grooming as things still look good. We are waiting for word on when KHGA can groom with the Pisten Bully. Will post asap. Thanks to everyone who came up today !

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Grooming report update Dec 24th

We packed down 7 in. of new snow and set classic tracks on all trails except Gold Run, although we did get Gold Run packed. A beautiful day at Silvercrest with no wind, sun and blue skies. We don’t have the trails in shape for skating yet but the Pisten Bully is out packing the snowmobile trails so it shouldn’t be too long. Thanks to John Schukei for helping out with grooming today !

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Grooming plans..Dec 24th

We will pack and set classic tracks starting Thursday (24th) starting about 1:30 pm Hopefully things will go smoothly without any problems. We’ll update later in the evening with any new information. Merry Christmas from everyone at Silvercrest Trails Association !

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New snow forcast;

Predicted 6-12 inches for Tuesday, Dec 22nd. We are making plans to set classic tracks either the 24th or 25th. We will post as soon as we make the decision.

Merry Christmas from Silvercrest Trails Association !

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Dec 19th, Saturday Update

Not much change in snow levels at Silvercrest. Classic tracks set last week are still visible and skiable. We did get 89er and Gold Run leveled out somewhat today. Hopefully some snow is forcast mid week.

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Saturday Dec 12, 2020

Welcome back to Silvercrest ! We’ve got most of the trails roughly packed and classic tracks set today on all trails except 89er and Gold Run. Tracks aren’t the greatest but good enough for now. We are all waiting for a big snow so the Pisten Bully can get in there and do its thing. There were several groups today skiing and on snowshoes. Parking lot is in good shape !

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