Grooming report 2 March 18

All the trails are groomed and track-set. Light snow is falling on and off, mixed with warm sun.

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2017 Silver Crest Trails Nordic Challenge Results


Results: Congrats All!

20K Male (Skate)

  1. Joel Harris:                       1:14:00
  2. Michael Burkett:             1:19:21
  3. Zander Opperman:         1:31:04
  4. Rick Cordes:                     1:37:13
  5. Ted Etter                           1:48:25

20K Male (Classic)

  1. Eric Mittelsteadt:            1:20:39
  2. Douglas Fischer:              1:39:09

20K Female (Skate)

  1. Betsy Cordes:                  1:28:49

20K Female (Classic)

  1. Emily Petrik:                     2:37:00

11K Female (Skate)

  1. Jen Obrien                         1:06:22
  2. Stacey Dahmen                1:08:56
  3. Haley Mortimer               1:09:30
  4. Elizabeth Jennings           1:19:58
  5. Bonnie Weaver                 1:37:53

11K Male (Skate)

  1. Peter Jennings                    58min :44 secs.

5K Female  (Open)

  1. Ella McKenzie                    41:16

5K Male  (Open)

  1. Drew Dressing                  38:23
  2. Dan Cherry                        38:35
  3. Christopher Miller          41:17

3K Juniors  (Classic)

  1. Ruby Jennings                   29:13 **
  2. Ella Faulkner                     27:27

**time skewed skated extra .5 mile

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Grooming Report 23 Feb

All trails are groomed and track set. Bundle up because it is still nippy, but a beautiful, sunny day!

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Grooming Report 16 Feb


Lots and lots of new snow is continuing to engulf us. The deep snow defeated the UTV on the Wu Tang trail, so please avoid using it until we get it unstuck.


The rest of the trails were all groomed with the snowmobile and the roller, for your weekend skiing pleasure!


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Thanks Donors!

Silver Crest Trails Association would like to give a giant thank you to each and every contributor. It is because of you we are able to keep the trails maintained.


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Grooming Report 13 Feb


All the trails except for the E trail and the Gold Run have been groomed and track-set. Enjoy a mid-week ski!

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Grooming report 7 Feb


Lots of new snow which warmed up quite a bit today. The C loop, The Silverdyke and The Wu Tang Trail are all groomed and track-set.

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