Grooming Report 6 March

Only an inch or two fell over the weekend. All trails are groomed and track-set and ready to go for mid-week skiing. Moose tracks on Sluice Box! Bunny tracks all over and a few bobcat tracks here and there.

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Grooming Report 24 Feb, 2017

6 inches of new snow packed by Kings Hill Grooming Association last 
night. Track was set this morning. Conditions are excellent!
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Silver Crest Trails Nordic Challenge Results



Results: Congrats All!

20 km.

  1. Dave McWethy M 1:28:45
  2. Doug Wadle M 1:34:40
  3. Margaret Hillhouse F 1:47:51
  4. Toni Henneman F 2:43:53

11 km.

  1. Kegan Rumsey F 54:07
  2. Jeremy Franks M 1:05:46
  3. Drew Blewett M 1:10:12
  4. Peter Jennings M 1:11:09
  5. Mark Berry M 1:12:19
  6. Hayley Mortinger F
  7. 1:12:53 Stacey Dahman F
  8. 1:14:05 Elizabeth Jennings F
  9. 1:14:13 Chris Dunbar F 1:16:03
  10. Jenny Baker F 1:22:39
  11. Jennifer O’Brian F 1:22:39
  12. Bonnie Weaver F 1:28:55
  13. Kora Shumate F 1:33:09
  14. Beth Shumate F 1:33:09
  15. Gerry Jennings F 1:36:20
  16. Chuck Jennings M 1:36:20

3 km.

  1. Elise Wadle F 17:49
  2. Samuel Wadle M 20:32
  3. Ruby Jennings F 27:11

5 km.

  1. Seamus Jennings M 33:48
 Snow conditions were some what soft and warm. It snowed about 2 hrs before race time.
Many thanks to all participants and volunteers !
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Grooming Report 21 Feb



Four to five inches of new snow has fallen since the (very successful and fun!) races on Saturday. All the trails have been groomed and track-set. The Swix thermometer says violet, and the snow is a bit sticky, so come prepared for your mid-week skiing!

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Grooming Report 17 Feb

All ready for the races tomorrow. Bob and Chuck are putting up cones, while all the trails are groomed and track set.


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Grooming Report 13 Feb

Silvercrest had a lot of visitors over the weekend – skinny skis, fat skis, snowshoes, skaters, coyotes, rabbits and one confused snowmobiler. All trails have been groomed and set with classic track.

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Grooming Report 10 Feb

The Swix thermometer says purple wax today, but it isn’t sunny, so the snow isn’t getting sticky. All the trails were groomed and track-set. A first-timer reports that his skis kept jumping out of the tracks. It’s pretty fast.

For any skiers that might want to spend a long weekend in Neihart from Feb 24- March 1, there’s a house-sitting opportunity. Respond to buffalogirlfarms@gmail if you’re interested.

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