Happy Spring Everyone! Grooming Friday.

The sun has caused some very warm temps up on Kings Hill, with daytime highs getting into the 50s! This will cause some crusty conditions until mid day when it warms up enough to re-melt. You can monitor the weather atop Showdown here: https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=tfx&sid=phym8&num=48

We will be regrooming Silvercrest on Friday for your weekend skiing. Until then, the trails should be holding up well due to the dense forest that shades our system.

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3/16/19 Spring Skiing is the best Skiing…

Nice balance!
Wear sunglasses, its bright…
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3/15-16/19 Best skiing of the year @ Silvercrest!

The trails are skiing perfection. The skate lane is just fantastic and the classic tracks are excellent! Sunny skies, light winds, warm temps high 20s to lows 30s F. Purple kick wax. Pink glide wax. Come up and enjoy the abundant sunshine and fantastic track conditions. I skied for 4 hours because it was so good I couldn’t bring myself to stop skiing! Thats how good it is this weekend at Silvercrest. Be prepared to sweat, it is warm once you get the heart rate up! Roads are dry all the way up to the turn off!

Its better in person. Trust me. Its really really good skiing up here!
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Silvercrest Groomed, 3/15/19

The big groomer will be through tonight, Thurday evening, and we will set track Friday morning. Should be a great weekend for winter sports up at Kings Hill. Get it while it lasts!

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March 7, 2019 Grooming Report

Groomed Silvercrest today, Thursday. The classic tracks have lumps and bumps in places from all the big chucks of snow that fell off the trees in the big thaw today. Once the trails freeze up hard, probably on Saturday, we will re-groom the tracks with the ginzu to try and smooth them out. In the mean time, the skate lane is nice and smooth.

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March 1 Grooming, Winter Trails Day Cancelled

Silvercrest will be groomed Friday March 1. Very cold temps forecast for the weekend, bundle up and be prepared. Winter Trails Day has been canceled for this year. 12″ of fresh snow since last Sunday up there.

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2/17/19 Grooming Report

Added Classic tracks to some trails that needed them, and rolled skate lane, for your Presidential Monday! All the trails are skiing really nice, and there’s a high of 7f forecast in Neihart Monday…

Just a little bit of snow…
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