Grooming report 4 March

Its been above freezing day and night for a few days. Today its a little cooler – in the blue/violet wax range. The big groomer didn’t want to risk sinking in the soft snow, so didn’t go out last night. All trails groomed and track-set: two sets of classic track on WuTang, Silver Dyke, Sluice Box and Quicksilver. The outer loop has one set of classic track and got a triple-pass to make a skate deck.

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Weekend follow up

Thanks go out to Jasmine and Gary for grooming last weekend. Really nice classic and skate skiing and weather conditions all weekend. ( whats new ? ) We touched up the skate lane Sunday evening on most trails and the classic tracks are still good to go so week day skiing should be no problem. Thanks to everyone for signing in at the trailhead ! The Forest Service keeps a tally of numbers ( not names) which helps with funding for Silver Crest Trails grooming and maintenance. Just estimating so far..but its looking like a lot more folks visiting the trails compared to previous years. Just for fun we’d like to know where everyone is traveling from so you might see a box to fill that in on the sign up sheets in the future. Have a great week !

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grooming report 25 feb

Two sets of classic track set on Silver Dyke, Wu Tang and Sluice box. Single set of tracks on the outer loop, Gold Run and Neihart Flyer.

The little ginzu groomer is just not capable of punching through the hard pack left by the big groomer on cold snow. You can see by the elk tracks how hard the pack is. That cow/calf pair were running, probably to get away from me!

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Weekend Plans For Grooming (25th-26th)

The KHGA groomer went thru this evening (Thursday) and Jasmine plans to set classic tracks Friday morning. If it doesn’t snow Thursday nights, skate and classic skiing should be fab for Friday. Looking forward to a nice weekend with temps warming up Saturday. 18 F. for Friday, 30 F for Sat. and 38 F for Sunday highs. Talking to the KHGA groomers and they are re-grooming divide road to Moose Park and other trails Saturday evenings. Sunday morning skate skiing out there is pretty nice. Anybody interested in doing that can email me at


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grooming report 21 Feb 2022

Groomed away the new snow and wind drifts. All trails groomed and track-set. Silver Dyke, Wu Tang, Quicksilver and Sluice Box with tracks on both sides of the trail for couples, and the Outer Loop, E and Gold Run for skaters, with only one set of tracks and triple-pass to make a center skate deck.

The Coyotes seem to prefer traveling side by side in the Classic Tracks.

It should be a little warmer each day this week, so come on up!

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Silver Crest Nordic Challenge Ski Race

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Saturday and more.. Its complicated.

Saturday (19th) saw fantastic skiing conditions for the trails. A thin layer of powder over great grooming from Jasmine made for a nice ski day. Overcast skies but no complaints. Sunday and the rest of the week is gonna get interesting. Snow starting Sat. night with 1-2 inches by morning. Sunday 2-4 inches predicted. 1-2 inches more Sunday night. So 4 to 8 inches by Monday morning. Temps…22 * F for Sunday. Single digits for Monday thru Wednesday. Thursday& Friday in the teens and warming to the mid 20’s in time for another great Saturday at Silvercrest. No new grooming plans for tomorrow and we will probably wait out the cold snap until late next week. If plans change we will post it. Thanks !

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grooming report 18 Feb 2022

All trails were track-set. Double tracks set on Silver Dyke, Wu Tang, and Sluice Box. Light snow has been falling most of the day.

Last night someone did a night ski, which looked like fun!

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Snow at Silvercrest… suprise.

Predictions are for 4 to 11 inches by Wednesday. We will probably wait till Thursday for the Pisten Bully to pack it down and Friday to set classic tracks. Unless plans change…we will post if we do.

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Weekend Update II (Friday)

The Kings Hill Pass snow making machine kicked in yesterday and went into high gear. Gary, Gerry and Chuck kept packing but it kept snowing. They got about 3/4 of the trails rough packed and some tracks set. We will follow up Saturday morning with more grooming but may take a few hours to get things set. Come up anyway. It should be a great photo-op day with new snow in the trees, predicted sunshine and 35* F. for a high. Watch for road conditions from Monarch on up.

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