The Silver Crest Trails are located in the Little Belt Mountains of Central Montana, just off Highway 89, approximately 6.5 miles south of Neihart on the west side of the highway, and about 2 miles north of Showdown Montana Ski Area.

The turn-off to the parking lot is marked by a sign indicating “USFS Winter Recreation Area”.  Turn there, then follow the nordic ski signs to the parking lot.  The parking lot is equipped with a latrine.

Distance to Silver Crest Trails from the following towns:

  • Great Falls – 65 miles
  • White Sulphur Springs – 34 miles
  • Helena – 109 miles
  • Lewistown – 106 miles
  • Bozeman – 113 miles
  • Missoula – 220 miles

scta location map

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