About SCTA

Silver Crest Trails Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group of volunteers organized in 2010.  Our mission is to provide quality Nordic ski trail maintenance and grooming at the Silver Crest Trails in the Little Belt Mountains of Central Montana.

We work in partnership with the United States Forest Service under a land use contract, and with the Kings Hill Grooming Association and Showdown Montana Ski Area for contracted grooming services.

The Silver Crest Trails are located on the Lewis and Clark National Forest in the Little Belt Mountains, just north of Kings Hill Pass, 6.5 miles south Neihart, MT.  There are approximately 12 miles (20km) of groomed Nordic ski trails and 2 miles of separate ungroomed snowshoe trails.  See our trail map page for more information about the trails.

2020- 2021 Silver Crest Trails Association Board Members:

Bob Boland – President, Grooming, Board Member

Charles Jennings – Vice President, USFS Liaison

Drew Marsh – Treasurer, Grooming

Camille Consolvo – Donation Coordinator, Facebook Updates, Board Member

Sarah Mizener – Secretary

Gerry Jennings – Board Member

Colin Maas – KHGA Liaison, Board Member

Rich Rowland – Webmaster, Board Member

Jeremy Franks – Equipment Lead, Board Member

Mike Carroll – Board Member

Pam Carroll – Board Member

Fen Keggi – Board Member

Mike Dannells – Board Member

1 Response to About SCTA

  1. Cindy Kenczka says:

    We have 3 sets of ‘skinny’ cross country skiis and boots, 2 sets of poles to giveaway.
    My number is (406) 781-1782
    photos on FB Marketplace

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