Saturday update..15th

Classic tracks are still good to go and we regroomed the skate lane Saturday evening, except Quicksilver, Neihart Flyer & Mt Eureka. Maybe tomorrow.. A few folks from Livingston & Bozeman making it today. Thanks for coming ladies and gentleman ! Overcast and temps in the mid-30’s for the day.

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Grooming report 14 Jan 2022

All trails except Gold Run have been groomed and track-set. There are tracks on both sides of WuTang and Silverdyke. All the rest have trackset only on one side.

Some of the trails were re-groomed, so perhaps more have tracks on both sides! Great weekend for exploring and finding a new favorite way to ski.

A moose or big ol elk is sauntering around Mt. Eureka.

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Grooming plans for Jan 14 Fri

Plans to groom all trails for skate and classic skiing Friday morning. More details by our groomers later in the day.

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Thanks to everyone !

Silver Crest Trails Assoc. put on our Learn to Ski Clinic last weekend. We didn’t do it last year due to Covid. We had a great turn out.. approx. forty to fifty funhogs showing up ! Weather conditions were sunny, calm winds and 20F most of the day. ( -6 in G.F.). We had three sessions that lasted about two hours each, which is a great time frame to get muscle memory neurons firing to teach your body balance and coordination. Fun to watch the first-time-on-snow girls from South Carolina go from fears and tears at the start to having fun at the end….the ladies from Harvard out for some recreation….and the Bad Boys Birthday Club showing up to party down. THANKS TO … Chris Leatham at Big Horn Outdoor Specialists for the use of his ski gear for everyone. All the SCTA board members who came out to coach assist ( Sarah,Chuck, Gerry, Colin, Mike, Camille, Fenn), bartend ( Mary, Laura) and groom trails ( Gary Ritter, Jasmine Krotov). Recognition to Kyle Marvinney at Cross Cut Nordic Center in Bozeman for his willingness to drive to our trails to share his knowledge of the sport. Most of all you skiers who came up that makes it all possible and a special thanks to everyone who left a donation to help groom and maintain your trails. Cheers !


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Updates at Silvercrest.. Jan 9th

Classic tracks set Saturday morning for all trails. They still looked good for Sunday. Skate lane was set also Saturday but somewhat rough. Regroomed Quick Silver, Sluice Box, Mt Eureka and Neihart Flyer for skating Sunday evening. That side of the trails looks good for skate skiing. The wind is blowing so conditions will deteriorate thru the week.

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grooming report 7 Jan 2022

Track set on all trails. Tracks on both sides of Quicksilver, Sluice Box, Silverdyke and WuTang. All the rest have track on only one side.

Be cautious on Gold Run. The snow is sketchy.

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grooming report 1 Jan 2022

Most of the trails have been groomed and track set on both sides. Still cool out there, but beautiful.

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Pisten Bully(Snow Cat) Groomed!

Kings Hill Snowmobile Club was able to groom the trails for us Thursday night, so the skate skiing should be excellent. Silver Crest will set classic tracks Saturday morning for your New Years weekend!

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Weekend Grooming Plans

Cold for Friday ( Dec 31st) -3 F for a high. We will try for a Saturday morning grooming plan but blowing snow predictions could make road conditions tough. High of 12 F for Saturday. Sunday temps in the mid 20’s. Will post plans as they develop. A big thank you to SCTA board member Gary Ritter for cutting out the four trees on Gold Run!

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grooming report 27 Dec 2021

All trails except Quicksilver, Gold Run and parts of Sluice Box had two passes with the roller. Temps hovered around zero f. all day.

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