More snow coming ( surprise ) March 24-26

The KHGA Pisten Bully is back up and running and Mike will pack our trails Thursday night. We will set classic tracks Friday afternoon as usual. Its predicted to start snowing Friday with 3 to 6 inches by Saturday morning…2 to 5 inches for Saturday…4 to 8 inches for Sunday into Monday. We could be seeing 9 to 19 inches total over the weekend ! Its possible we could re-groom Saturday if needed. High temp of 30 F for Friday, 26 F for Saturday, 24 F for Sunday. Check your road conditions reports also.


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Weekend Grooming Plans. March 17,18,19

This weekend looks to be one of the best for your trails this year. We found 12 inches of new snow today ( Thurs) from this weeks March madness snow storm and the trees are full of snow. We rolled and packed for several hours with the Can Am & Bearkat and plan on classic track setting late Friday afternoon.

Friday ( 28 F), Saturday (32 F and Sunday (34F) calls for mostly blue skies. Light winds (10 mph).


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Results from the 3rd annual Nordic Challenge Race at Silver Crest Trails. March 11th 2023

Kids 12 & under 2.1 KM

Male… 1st Jack DeFoe 41:13 Helena

Female.. 1st Mara Behrends 17:50 Helena

2nd Juliana DeFoe 23:30 Helena

3rd Kaia Vykoukal 51:05 Billings

5 KM

Male…1st Kimber Hanson 27:34 Seeley Lake

2nd Sam Behrends 34:32 Helena

Female..1st Kieu Snow 25:25 Seeley Lake

2nd Kelsey Grant-Jenkins 35:07 Helena

3rd Sarah Mizener 36:52 Great Falls

4th Camille Consolvo 50:05 Great Falls

9 KM

Male…1st Jan Vykoukal 36:05 Billings

2nd Christopher Miller 56:13 Bozeman

3rd Carl Anderberg 56:35 Helena

4th Heath Hanson 56:37 Potomic

Female… 1st Kintla Thomas 46:08 Missoula

2nd Katie Deuel 55:18 Missoula

3rd Andree Anderberg 60:03 Helena

4th Colleen Marrinan 1:04:02 Livingston

5th Ella McKenzie 1:04:08 Livingston

6th Robin Maguire 1:09:37 Great Falls

18 KM

Male…1st Jack Christianson 1:10:29 Arden Hills, Minnesota.

2nd Joel Harris 1:12:26 Helena

3rd James DeFoe 1:14:04 Helena

4th Pete Behrends 1:16:45 Helena

5th Chris Freistadt 1:24:15 Choteau

6th Eric Makus 1:27:25 Helena

7th David Armstrong 1:34:16 Helena

Female..1st Vicki Longhini 1:40:10 Bozeman

2nd Ellie Fitzpatrick 1:56:53 Choteau

3rd Rosalie MacGowan 2:06:05 Great Falls

Of course a big thanks to all of our race sponsors, Big Horn Outdoor Specialists, Benski Towing, Sam’s Club, Great Falls Hospital, Scheel’s and Dan Bailey’s Outdoors in Livingston. Volunteers and SCTA board members also put in a lot of time and effort to make it happen. Thanks to everyone !

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All trails groomed and trackset!

We freshened up the grooming and it turned out great, most trails are double track set and the skate lane is looking awesome. The skiing will be quite good Tuesday. Roads are clear and dry and the parking lot is plowed. 4-8″ of fresh snow may fall Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Enjoy!

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Thanks to our Sponsors and Racers for another GREAT ski race!

A huge thank you to our Race and Equipment Sponsors: Bighorn Outdoor Specialists, Benski Towing, City Motors Chevrolet / Toyota, Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company (Livingston), Great Falls Clinic / Great Falls Hospital, North 40 Outfitters, Sam’s Club, Scheels Sporting Goods, and Showdown Montana Ski Area. Their donations and your race entry fees enabled our club to host this year’s Silver Crest Nordic Challenge! We appreciate all of you!

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40” snowpack for the Race! Hot chili and cool prizes!

Classic track and skate deck conditions will be Fantastic with the forecasted fresh snow and 20s degree temps! Come on up to get some exercise, ski to win a custom hand made mug from our very own local Belt MT potter Lisa Botti ! We will have a bonfire and hot chocolate and tea on the boil!

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Race Weekend Conditions and plans at Silver Crest.

Friday will see 3-7 inches of snow. Friday night will add 1-3 more. We will minimal groom Friday for recreational skiers and hit it again in the evening or night for Saturday’s race. According to NOAA…Saturday race time (10:00 am ) will see temps in the low 20’s. Warming to 28 F by noon. If you are checking the weather by going to Showdown ski area’s web site… or Porphyry Peak ( NOAA), those are not accurate with our nordic area. Showdown is higher and colder than Silver Crest Trails. A better option is to type in “Onion Park” on the NOAA web site.

Saturday’s races will start at 10;00 am with the youth 2 km. The 9km and 18km will go at 10:20 am and the 5km will start at 10:30. The trails are open to recreational skiers with Silverdyke, Gold Run and upper Mt Eureka trails open. We hope to see you there !


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Grooming plans…as usual.

The Pisten Bully will go thru Thursday night with classic tracks being set Friday late afternoon. There is a possibility of limited trails classic track setting earlier in the day. The weather will be a little cooler than usual for the weekend. Friday..18 F for a high. Sat..21 F. Sun..19 F. 1 to 3 inches snow Sunday.

Locals say they haven’t seen that much snow up there in a long time !

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Sunday update Feb 26th

Classic tracks are in good shape throughout the trails. Sunday saw warm temps softening the snow and getting somewhat hard towards the end of the day. We tuned up the skate lane with the ginzu groomer doing its job of leveling out the ridges. Breezy but a nice day overall.


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Grooming plans for this weekend (Fri 24th)

The Kings Hill Grooming Association’s ( Thanks Guys! ) Pisten Bully is going to pack our trails Thursday late afternoon. ( Thanks Mike ! ). Friday, Jake will follow up with classic track setting at his usual time of about 2:30 pm. Its going to be fun and interesting to see how much we got ! You probably know Showdown got over 4 feet since Sunday so we should be a little less, but still..bring your camera’s.

The weather calls for a high of 13 F for Friday, Saturday 26 F but windy, blowing snow with gusts up to 35/40 mph. Sunday will be mostly sunny, breezy and 32F for a high.

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