O.K. Here we go…

Welcome back to the Silver Crest Trails for the 2022/2023 season ! Lots of earlier than usual snow levels have piled up on your trails thanks to La’ Nina but we haven’t been able to groom due to our new utility vehicle backed up in Canada in the supply chain drama. Thanks again to our generous donors who contributed to its purchase ! We are down to one grooming machine so please be patient until we get our new addition in a month or so. We had planned to Pisten Bully groom last week but a minor mechanical problem nixed that idea. But… we are a go this weekend to get everything set. Plans are to pack with the Pisten Bully courtesy of the Kings Hill Grooming Association ( thanks guys !) Thursday (Dec 8th) evening and follow up with classic track setting Friday. Its snowing up there today and it should be a winter wonderland this week with temps predicted in the 20’s for high’s most days and around two or more feet of snow. Stay tuned for any updates or change of plans as they come up. It should (will) be a great weekend to get your skis out the garage and on the snow. We are looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces at the trails this weekend !


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2 Loops groomed and double-trackset on Saturday!

Today I rolled and set double classic tracks on both the SilverDyke – WuTangs Way loop and the Sluice Box – Quicksilver loop. The classic tracks are good and deep, BUT, there are lots of bumps, lumps, depressions, washboard, and other off camber nonsense. This is on account of the shallow snowpack and our inability to use the ginzus for grading and leveling until today’s groom freezes overnight and “sets up”. Please continue to ski with caution this week, especially downhill, as there are stumps and rocks lurking just beneath the snow surface, and several ruts from the snowmobile getting stuck and digging down to the ground. Although it is technically possible to Skate ski these loops, it is not recommended at this time as the surface topography is quite inconsistent, and I wouldn’t want you to break a perfectly good skate ski. We will update the website and Facebook once we have ginzu-ed and have a more skiable skate deck.

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Silver Crest Grooming Update – On Hold

Unfortunately the new Can Am Defender that we ordered in May for “November” delivery has not yet arrived in MT… supply chain issues… potato chip shortage…. Hurry up and wait. You know the drill. The current 1-2ft of snowpack is essentially loose white sugar all the way to the ground: good enough for skiing, bad for our snowmobile getting stuck… so we are going to hold off on skate and classic track grooming until we take delivery of the Defender UTV, OR receive adequate snow depth for the Pisten Bully to pack down our ski trails. Once either of those things happen, we will groom skate and classic tracks ASAP and let you know. Until then, the parking lots are being plowed regularly and the Ski and Snowshoe trails are open and looking great! Grab a friend(s) and Come on up and get your Winter on!

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Silvercrest Parking lot plowed! Grooming begins Dec 1.

Until then, feel free to use the trails! The trail maps are posted at every junction. Showdown will be spinning lifts Friday-Sunday as well!

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50 Years XC Skiing at Silver Crest! New Snowcat!!!

This winter marks the 50th anniversary of XC skiing at Silver Crest Trails! With the help of three primary sponsorships from City Motor Company, North 40 Outfitters, and Scheels -Sporting Goods, in addition to MANY other Generous local donors, Silver Crest Trails Association purchased a new Can Am Defender grooming “Snowcat”, to replace our aging 10 year old Gator. Now we need your help to fund the $10,000 annual grooming budget. Mandatory insurance policies alone, just to allow track setting Silver Crest ski trails, cost our nonprofit over $4,000 annually (the least expensive Nordic ski insurance policy available in the U.S.)

Be assured your donations are spent frugally and wisely, directly covering grooming, gas, equipment, and trail maintenance costs.

If you use our trails, please consider a tax-deductible donation to our 501c3 today.

Silver Crest Trails Association
2717 3rd Ave North
Great Falls, MT  59401

OR use PayPal at https://silvercresttrails.com/donate/

From all of the volunteer board members at SCTA, Thank You so very much for your generosity. You make skiing and snowshoeing at Silver Crest possible!

See you on the trails this December!

Drew Marsh, Treasurer

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Trails ready for snow ! Thanks to…

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday (10/8/22) to spruce up the ski trails for the coming season. Volunteers Shannon Lenz, Marty Johnson, Jim Marlen ( Helena !), John Schuki, Randy Winner, Mark Jensen and Kaylee & Nolan Taylor came up and helped out with pruning invader trees and some fallen tree bucking. It was a great day to do it. Cool in the morning but turning nice a few hours later. Thanks to Mark from Smoot Honey in Power, Mt. for the labor and honey tea drinks…awesome.

SCTA members Jennifer Brunsdon, Mary Courteau, Gerry & Chuck Jennings, Sarah Mizener, Colin Maas, Gary Ritter ( chainsaw guy), Laura & Fenn Keggi all put in the effort for our work requirements. Totaled up we accumulated 71 grant hours that goes to keeping the trails in good shape.

Thanks everyone !


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Work Day Notes Oct 8th, 2022

Thanks to everyone who are interested in coming to the trails for a get-together and some light trail work. A review is to meet at the trailhead at 8:30 am. Weather is for a high of about 58 F. That will come late afternoon so it will be a little chilly in the morning. Mostly sunny. Things can change of course so check the weather on your own as the weekend gets closer. We will have sign-in sheets for recording your work hours so be sure to get your signature before leaving for the day.

Kaylee and Nolan Taylor have already put in 5 hours for Silver Crest Trails ! Thanks guys !

If you have a sandwich ( meat or veggie) preference please mail me at with that info. We have approx. 15 people signed up so far.

See you up there !

Cheers !


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Silver Crest ski trails Work Day: Saturday October 8, 8:30AM !

8:30 am Meet in the trailhead parking lot.

Bring loppers, work gloves, hiking boots or work boots, sunscreen, water, clothes for ALL weather conditions.

Lunch will be provided. 

Please RSVP on the Silver Crest Trails Facebook page so we can purchase lunches. 

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No grooming for this weekend. April 29- May 1

The parking lot can’t be plowed due to technical reasons and usage has gone down. Lots of cars spinning and getting stuck last weekend. Same thing for this weekend if you go. Although, its supposed to snow 9 to 16 inches Friday !

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Grooming report 23 April

6″ of new snow overnight. The outer loop is fully groomed for skaters and with classic track.

The parking area has not been plowed. Do yourself a favor and park at the highway, and ski in! Lots of cars got stuck.

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