Silver Crest Packing/grooming to begin Friday Dec. 6 !!! Volunteer groomers needed. Your minimal commitment will help get you up to the hill to ski this winter…

Volunteers will be out with the equipment clearing the many downed trees from the ski trails and packing down the powder. We will continue packing and tracksetting efforts on Saturday morning and optimistically hope to have some Classic tracks set for Sunday.

Be advised! Early season conditions exist. Ski cautiously, especially down hill as stumps and rocks are lurking just beneath the snow surface.

Want to drive our cushy new machines for 2 hours before your ski? All we ask is a 1 or 2 morning per month, December – March commitment to a Saturday or Sunday day of your choosing. 2 inches or less of fresh snow, you don’t even have to groom, just go ski! How cool is that! Get in touch via this website or facebook and we will get you trained and scheduled. It will be fun, I promise.

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