Results from the 3rd annual Nordic Challenge Race at Silver Crest Trails. March 11th 2023

Kids 12 & under 2.1 KM

Male… 1st Jack DeFoe 41:13 Helena

Female.. 1st Mara Behrends 17:50 Helena

2nd Juliana DeFoe 23:30 Helena

3rd Kaia Vykoukal 51:05 Billings

5 KM

Male…1st Kimber Hanson 27:34 Seeley Lake

2nd Sam Behrends 34:32 Helena

Female..1st Kieu Snow 25:25 Seeley Lake

2nd Kelsey Grant-Jenkins 35:07 Helena

3rd Sarah Mizener 36:52 Great Falls

4th Camille Consolvo 50:05 Great Falls

9 KM

Male…1st Jan Vykoukal 36:05 Billings

2nd Christopher Miller 56:13 Bozeman

3rd Carl Anderberg 56:35 Helena

4th Heath Hanson 56:37 Potomic

Female… 1st Kintla Thomas 46:08 Missoula

2nd Katie Deuel 55:18 Missoula

3rd Andree Anderberg 60:03 Helena

4th Colleen Marrinan 1:04:02 Livingston

5th Ella McKenzie 1:04:08 Livingston

6th Robin Maguire 1:09:37 Great Falls

18 KM

Male…1st Jack Christianson 1:10:29 Arden Hills, Minnesota.

2nd Joel Harris 1:12:26 Helena

3rd James DeFoe 1:14:04 Helena

4th Pete Behrends 1:16:45 Helena

5th Chris Freistadt 1:24:15 Choteau

6th Eric Makus 1:27:25 Helena

7th David Armstrong 1:34:16 Helena

Female..1st Vicki Longhini 1:40:10 Bozeman

2nd Ellie Fitzpatrick 1:56:53 Choteau

3rd Rosalie MacGowan 2:06:05 Great Falls

Of course a big thanks to all of our race sponsors, Big Horn Outdoor Specialists, Benski Towing, Sam’s Club, Great Falls Hospital, Scheel’s and Dan Bailey’s Outdoors in Livingston. Volunteers and SCTA board members also put in a lot of time and effort to make it happen. Thanks to everyone !

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