2 Loops groomed and double-trackset on Saturday!

Today I rolled and set double classic tracks on both the SilverDyke – WuTangs Way loop and the Sluice Box – Quicksilver loop. The classic tracks are good and deep, BUT, there are lots of bumps, lumps, depressions, washboard, and other off camber nonsense. This is on account of the shallow snowpack and our inability to use the ginzus for grading and leveling until today’s groom freezes overnight and “sets up”. Please continue to ski with caution this week, especially downhill, as there are stumps and rocks lurking just beneath the snow surface, and several ruts from the snowmobile getting stuck and digging down to the ground. Although it is technically possible to Skate ski these loops, it is not recommended at this time as the surface topography is quite inconsistent, and I wouldn’t want you to break a perfectly good skate ski. We will update the website and Facebook once we have ginzu-ed and have a more skiable skate deck.

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