Trails ready for snow ! Thanks to…

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday (10/8/22) to spruce up the ski trails for the coming season. Volunteers Shannon Lenz, Marty Johnson, Jim Marlen ( Helena !), John Schuki, Randy Winner, Mark Jensen and Kaylee & Nolan Taylor came up and helped out with pruning invader trees and some fallen tree bucking. It was a great day to do it. Cool in the morning but turning nice a few hours later. Thanks to Mark from Smoot Honey in Power, Mt. for the labor and honey tea drinks…awesome.

SCTA members Jennifer Brunsdon, Mary Courteau, Gerry & Chuck Jennings, Sarah Mizener, Colin Maas, Gary Ritter ( chainsaw guy), Laura & Fenn Keggi all put in the effort for our work requirements. Totaled up we accumulated 71 grant hours that goes to keeping the trails in good shape.

Thanks everyone !


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