Skiing, Snowshoeing, and safety-orange during hunting season

Please be aware that archery and rifle hunting is allowed and occurs on the Silver Crest ski and snowshoe trails from September until December 1st 2020. Hunters, hikers, skiers, snowshoe-ers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers are all welcome to use Silver Crest during this period. Common sense suggests that all trail users wear high visibility safety-orange vests and high-vis orange hats to help prevent accidents while recreating outside in Montana during the hunting seasons.

Grooming of the ski trails will begin sometime on or after December 1st. Until then, be aware that unmarked hazards including rocks and stumps exist below the snow surface.

In light of the tragic recent, and past, fatal cold weather accidents in the Little Belts, please take steps to guarantee your own safety out on the trails. Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Bring the 10 essentials, including fire-starter, in case of equipment failure or personal injury.

Be Safe and Have Fun!

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