grooming report 23 Dec 17

For those of you anxious for the grooming report: please accept my apologies. For the last two days I’ve been doing mostly this:


Which is to say; unburying various pieces of equipment from the 20″ of new snow that has no base. Today I got the 89er almost firm enough to set track on, but still not ready for the heavy equipment. Maybe if it warms up a bit, and then cools down. Until then, there is this:

20171223-DSC02852Which is some pretty ski-able trail even if it isn’t track-set.

Meanwhile, the E trail has been fully groomed and track-set, while the Gold Run was only groomed before the last dump of snow.  Most of the D trail, most of the C trail, The Wu Tang and Silverdyke are all looking about like this:

20171223-DSC02856So have a very Merry weekend skiing. Bring your warmest woolies, because it still isn’t a whole lot above zero F. More snow is in the forecast for Christmas day, but no warmer temps.

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2 Responses to grooming report 23 Dec 17

  1. Gerry Jennings says:

    Beautiful job, Jasmine. I love the photos. Wish we had snow in MD. It’s forecast for after we leave. However, Steamboat Springs is getting snow. Hooray. Thanks for great work. Gerry Sent from my iPad


  2. Eric says:

    Thank you for your awesome work!! We really do appreciate it!!… Eric

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