New Grooming Work Sled!

It’s true, most Nordic skiers don’t usually get too excited about motorized equipment (yes, we enjoy our quiet time gliding through the snow) … but this piece of machinery we are so happy about and grateful for!

Adding to our grooming arsenal this season: a 2016 Arctic Cat Bearcat 7000XT GS, which our group purchased from Addictive Powersports of Great Falls.

Our annual Recreational Trails Program Grant (administered through Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks) made it all possible, in addition to the generous donations we receive from our trail supporters. Look for this beautiful baby on the trails this season, with our new Yellowstone Track Systems Ginzugroomer in tow!

It kinda makes you want to be a groomer, right?? Let us know if you’re interested … contact us using the contact form, attend our groomer education day, and we will make your dream become a reality.


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