Winters Back! Skiing is grrreat. Go Ski!

In an epic 10 hour push, I groomed 10 inches of fresh snow. It was warm, and a real bear to get packed and tracked, so there are some rookie “mistakes” in the trails, but overall it looks really good, especially considering the significant difficulties in just getting it groomed at all. As of 8pm Friday night the parking lot is unplowed, but, vehicles have packed a pretty good track from the highway to the trailhead/outhouse. Maybe bring a tow rope if you dont have all wheel drive and or snow tires…. Sorry, no photos, too dark. GO SKI!

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3 Responses to Winters Back! Skiing is grrreat. Go Ski!

  1. drewskimt says:

    This was posted Friday March 29 at 9:15pm. The time and date are wrong on the posts. I dunno why.

  2. sebastiansdaughter says:

    How are the snowshoe portions?

    • drewskimt says:

      Snowshoe trails continue to be packed down by occasional snowshoers and are in great shape. I would expect the storms this week will fill them in again, and there will be several inches of fresh snow!

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