08 Feb, 2019 Grooming Report

Set tracks on all trails with the club’s shiny new track-setter! They are very nice tracks. The big groomer left a perfect skate lane, (which our new track-setter left undisturbed!!) and it’ll have an inch of very light powder on it this weekend. Very skate-able. High of 19F forecast for Sunday in Neihart.

Silvercrest is in need of old 20-25 pound weightlifting weights for our new classic tracksetter! Hoping to get about 200lbs-300lbs worth of weights. Any donation of weights would be helpful and much appreciated. Please contact Drew Marsh for pickup @ 406-781-1172.

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2 Responses to 08 Feb, 2019 Grooming Report

  1. Andrea Parrott says:

    Grooming updates?

    • drewskimt says:

      We didn’t groom during that last cold snap, as we figured there werent too many people venturing up to ski. More frequent grooming will occur with warmer – above 0f – temperatures.

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