Are you ready for more of these to fall?  So are we!

Silver Crest Trails Association, along with the Lewis & Clark National Forest, Region 4 Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and local volunteers have been meeting monthly to plan trail maintenance, grooming and track setting, snowshoe area improvements, and our 2nd annual Snowfest.

Snowfest 2012 will be held all day Saturday, December 15th at the Silver Crest Trails.   Please join us in the festivities!  We will provide cross-country ski and snowshoe tours, with equipment available to use at no cost.  We will also provide food, beverages, games and music.  Many of you attended last year, and we certainly hope you will join in this year to kick off the new season!

Grooming will again be done in cooperation with the Kings Hill Grooming Association and our own volunteers.  That is where you, our trail users and supporters, come in.  We are asking for your annual donation so that we can continue to provide quality trail grooming and track setting at Silver Crest.

We reimburse the Kings Hill Grooming Association weekly, each time they groom the Silver Crest Trails.  Our volunteer group also incurs expenses with snow machine fuel, maintenance and/or repairs each time our volunteers groom and set track.  In addition, we plan to purchase new grooming equipment this season with the help of a grant from the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Recreational Trails Program, along with donations from our trail users and supporters.  This new equipment will improve ski trail quality, is more reliable than the snow machine we currently use for grooming, and is safer for our volunteers to use.  We kindly ask for your donation this season to help us with the costs of grooming and keep improving our beautiful ski and snowshoe trails.

To donate, please mail your donation check to:

Silver Crest Trails Association
319 5th Avenue North
Great Falls, MT 59401

If you have any questions about our trails, please email us at:

Thank you for your support, and we’ll see you on the trails soon!

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